M7.8 Quake Shake Story

This story is written in a sleep deprived state. It might be edited as time allows.

My name is Wayne Nelson, a resident & business (Aartvark) owner in Kaikoura.

Following the earthquake on Nov 14 2016, I realised very quickly that my business (picture framing) would become dormant for some time. True, I would likely get some insurance repair work in due course, but in the meantime, who is going to bring a picture to be framed? So I was trying to think of something to keep me financially afloat during that time.

At the time of the quake I had been pretty crook for several weeks and was living mostly on fruit smoothies. I came up with an idea which I subsequently developed with help from my wife and my daughter, a graphic designer. I also had the cooperation and encouragement of several other Kaikoura businesses.

As the project developed, it started to get bigger & more complex than I anticipated, and I realised it could be a catastrophic flop or a sensational phenomenon (hopefully the latter!). As details of the extent of damage to Kaikoura's community became apparent, I decided that I would like to incorporate the idea of getting something positive going for the community.

So I am working on a 60:40 profit split between my business and local initiatives (eg. new swimming pool, or maybe some other ideas will come to light - Kaikoura locals, please feel free to tell me about your ideas).

If the venture fails of course this could be nil:nil! or quite possibly even negative:nil!!

But we think it has the potential to be a winner from the feedback we had from the few people we told about the idea during development, and from the very encouraging impromptu ‘soft launch’ held at Poppies Ice Cream shop on Saturday 10 December 2016.

At present, I have invested several thousand dollars (Thank you NZ Govt for your very generous work subsidy for Kaikoura workers) and most of my work time to progress this project. My daughter has also been heavily involved with her time. It has been very slow development due to my lack of expertise (nil!) in this area, coping with all the other stuff one needs to cope with during a disaster (eg. digging long drops!), and my daughter having to carry on her own life at the same time.

This is pretty nerve wracking and frightening for me because I have never done anything of the sort before. So please be patient if you email me or place orders for merchandise. I will do my best to keep up.

I would like to thank my dear wife for her help and for making such yummy yoghurt! Also my daughter & her husband for the graphic design and web site development via their business där-cé photography. Thanks also to Glen & Mel, owners of Kaikoura New World; Nick Parkinson, owner of MountainHoney; and special thanks to Poppy, owner of Poppys Ice Cream, and her staff Linda & Yvonne, for making such wonderful ice cream, letting us launch from the shop on West End, and offering the M7.8 Quake Shake to Kaikoura locals. And to the team running Shop Kaikoura who are doing an amazing job! Thank you too, to all the locals who gave such wonderful support on our launch day, and thank you to all others in advance for your support of this project.

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