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Also, if you prefer to pay by direct deposit to my bank account, please choose the 'Cash on pickup' payment option and add 'additional information' to your order. I will generate an invoice (direct deposit to my bank account) and email this to you.


M7.8 Quake Shake


THREE M7.8 Quake Shake Prints

3 Assorted M7.8 Quake Shake Cards

Make your own M7.8 Quake Shake!

Great deal when you buy THREE prints together!

Printed onto Nevertear 270gsm restaurant grade polyester (synthetic 'paper') for use in the kitchen. Water & oil resistant; very robust.

Comes with 3 A5 envelopes.

Please specify in the notes section of the checkout which prints you would like to make up your 3. Mix of both designs is fine.


This purchase is for a quantity of 3, to purchase only one, please see the single card options.

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Included tax 15%

Plus postage and handling charges.

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